About RouteFinder

George Soules and Janice Kenyon created RouteFinder as a gift to all who love the carriage roads.
Both George and Janice have degrees in Information Science from the University of California at Santa Cruz. They live in Southwest Harbor on the western side of Mount Desert Island. They walk, run, or bike on the carriage roads every chance they get.
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If you have questions about RouteFinder, of if you would like to report a problem or make suggestions, please send email to: support@mapsalive.com.


RouteFinder uses MapsAlive. to draw carriage road routes on a national park map of Mount Desert Island. MapsAlive is an online web application you can use to make any image interactive. This RouteFinder website was developed in PHP. The RouteFinder search algorithms were implemented using Python.


Carriage road signpost
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