Interactive Map Features

Map of Mount Dessert Island RouteFinder displays routes on an interactive map of the east side of Mount Desert Island where the the carriage roads are located. The blue outline at right shows the area that the RouteFinder map covers. The RouteFinder map was made interactive with MapsAlive interactive map software.

Map Markers

The interactive map does much more than display routes. It has more than 100 markers that you can click or touch to get information about or see a photograph of the following:
  • Carriage road access points (14)
  • Carriage road bridges (17)
  • Motor road bridges (11)
  • Carriage road signposts (41)
  • Trailheads (27)

Map Legend

A legend for the map is shown below. The markers in the left column are touchable/clickable. The ones in the right column are informational.

Map Directory

Map directory icon
If you are interested in a particular location but don't know where it is on the map, you can search for it in the map directory. To open the directory, click or touch the "hamburger" icon located in the upper-left corner of the map.
Below is a screenshot showing the directory expanded to list carriage road trailheads. The mouse is over the Jordan Pond Path item and a preview of that trailhead is showing. The marker for signpost 28 was clicked to show a popup with a photograph of signs at that intersection. The upper-right corner of the map has an inset showing which portion of the zoomed-in map is currently visible.
The screenshot above was taken with RouteFinder running on a desktop computer with a monitor that has plenty of room to show the map, directory, and popup information. On small mobile devices, the information associated with a marker slides up from the bottom of the map and is expandable.
In the screenshot below, the left image is annotated with a blue arrow to show where you could touch the marker for the Amphitheatre Bride. The middle image shows the information about the bridge in a slide-up panel. The middle image is also annotated with a blue arrow to show where you can touch the "+" icon to expand the panel as shown in the right image.
All of the map features described on this page are built into MapsAlive. To learn more about what MapsAlive can do, see the MapsAlive User Guide
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